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Virtual Gaming Melbourne

Experience the virtual world with the utmost sophisticated virtual reality equipment, found only at VR Plus. Virtual reality is becoming an immense entertainment solution, not only in Australia but around the world. The fact that many tech-giants are investing in this technology is a clear indicator that the virtual reality craze is here to stay. VR Plus is equipped with industry-leading virtual gaming Melbourne devices and has impeccable booths to play in. Our choice of HTC Vive as our primary VR gaming headset proves why we are the utmost devoted to our services. We constantly review and upgrade our technological apparatus to ensure all clients get the most out of their virtual gaming Melbourne experiences.

Lighten the mood and get active with our wide range of virtual reality games and experience the true joy of immersing yourself in a world where you are in control of each element. Engaging, immersive and overall excellent are the fundamentals of virtual reality and here at VR Plus we constantly aim to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction and great virtual gaming Melbourne experiences. We also accommodate team and co-op playing. Our multiplayer virtual reality bays allow a maximum of four people to play games together so you can interact with other people by sharing activities or playing against one another in an exciting animated world.

Feel the difference and experience the “reality” in virtual reality with the guidance of our staff here at VR Plus. We will assist you and provide you with the utmost exceptional virtual gaming Melbourne experience. If you are seeking a virtual reality experience that is affordable and astonishing, seek no further and contact the industry leaders. Amazing virtual gaming Melbourne for amazing clients only at VR Plus!

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