Melbourne Virtual Reality

Melbourne Virtual Reality

Melbourne Virtual reality has appeared in the limelight as a contemporary way of gaming and experiencing your physical presence within a virtual world. Also known as immersive multimedia, this concept has erupted from years upon years of technological development and the evolution of artificial intelligence. VR Plus is equipped with industry leading personnel that are knowledgeable on all VR systems and administer a wide range of games and Melbourne virtual reality experiences for you to indulge in.

Games and new clients are astonished at the amount of effort and dedication our team puts into ensuring a vivid environment, to coincide with the outstanding experience of VR. Amazing virtual reality Melbourne services, for amazing clients.


-Industry leading technological apparatus and VR sets.

-Knowledgeable personnel and great staff members to assist.

-Impeccable gaming and VR studio rooms.

-Tailored packages and birthday party arrangements.

-Affordable pricing on all games and VR entertainment.

-Guidance and assistance through all games and VR experience.

-Suitable games for all skill levels and age groups.

-State of the art Melbourne virtual reality, VR apparatus and machinery that will enrich user experience.

-Overall excellence and dedication towards client satisfaction.

Immerse yourself in a virtual world that will astonish. Equipped with industry leading VR headsets, VR Plus have surely proved why we are the utmost respectable and leading virtual reality Melbourne company. Dive into a plethora of simulations and experience the “WOW” factor that virtual reality administers.

For further information on our Melbourne virtual reality services, please do not hesitate to contact us or alternatively browse our online website. Devotion to virtual reality and enriching client experiences is what we accomplish here at VR Plus and are eagerly awaiting your arrival!