Games Arcade Melbourne

Games Arcade Melbourne

Virtual reality is designed to make you interact with a virtual environment. Now isn’t that ground-breaking technology? Here at VR Plus, we are devoted to your entertainment and ensure the utmost finest and leading arcade games melbourne available. With an array of games and virtual reality experiences, VR Plus have gone above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction, as the pioneers and leading company of games arcade Melbourne. We offer packages for students, kids parties and group gatherings; as booking is essential. Gaming technology has evolved over the years and we are the pioneers in administering exceptional arcade games Melbourne to suit every gamer’s needs and demands. An amazing virtual reality scenery, for amazing clients!


-Industry leading technological apparatus and VR sets.

-Knowledgeable personnel and great staff members to assist.

-Impeccable gaming and VR studio rooms.

-Tailored packages and birthday party arrangements.

-Affordable pricing on all games and VR entertainment.

-Guidance and assistance through all games and VR experience.

-Amazing and vibrant games arcade Melbourne for all ages.

-State of the art VR apparatus and machinery that will enrich user experience.

-Overall excellence and dedication towards client satisfaction.

Arcade games have a retrospective feel to them, however, enriched with the virtual reality element have exploded onto the gaming scene and avid gamers have fallen in love with the newly developed technologies. VR Plus aim to administer the leading arcade games Melbourne and are equipped with state of the art virtual reality headsets for you to indulge in.

For a greater insight on our games arcade melbourne, feel free to contact us and liaise with one of our friendly staff members.