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game arcades in Melbourne

Why not visit the utmost sophisticated and fun game arcades in Melbourne? VR Plus have extensive experience in the gaming industry and hence have developed their own virtual reality setups. VR Plus Studio is a leading games arcade in Melbourne, designed to offer the ultimate virtual reality gaming experience in Melbourne. Our multiplayer VR bays allow a maximum of four people to play games together so you can interact with other people by sharing activities or playing against one another in an exciting animated world. The possibilities are endless and the fun is just about to begin! With a plethora of games and virtual reality scenarios to choose from; we tailor our games to suit the likings of our gamer friends. Client satisfaction is our priority and our team ensures that we meet all your aspirations.

We endeavour to provide all clients with a ground-breaking virtual reality experience. No matter the level or background of each individual, we tailor our gaming stations to suit your needs and expectations. A devoted team of technological adept individuals will assist you and ensure you get the most out of your time here at VR Plus. HTC Prime is our virtual reality headset of choice, as we are constantly upgrading our technological infrastructure to ensure maximum client satisfaction. There are always new experiences to be felt and newly developed 3D worlds to explore. When the phrase: “Games arcade Melbourne” is mentioned; VR Plus should be your one and only thought!

Non-stop entertainment incorporated in our game arcades in Melbourne. From virtual tennis, rock-climbing all the way to puzzles and action induced games; we provide the lot. VR Plus have stabilised their reputation in the virtual reality realm and are named as the leading game arcades in Melbourne. Contact us, today and kick start your vr experience.

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