Some common questions about VR Plus and VR.

If you can’t find the answer to your question below, please feel free to send your queries to bookings@vrplus.com.au or simply give us a call 0421259999.

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Where is VR Plus?

Level 1, 272 Lygon Street VIC 3053

  • The store is located at the corner of Lygon St and Grattan St. The entrance can be found on Grattan St, next to the 7-11.
  • VR-Plus is located on the first floor, accessible by stairs only.
What are the operating hours of VR Plus?

Mon – Thurs: 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Fri:                  12:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Saturday        10:00 am - 10:00 pm

Sunday           10:00 am - 9:00 pm

**We can be flexible on our operating hours for group events or parties booked in advance.**

Can anybody play?

Recommended for ages 8+. Children under 13 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult due to the range of games and use of top-of-the-line VR technology. Some game experiences require the player to walk around with controllers in both hands and possibly kneeling or crouching. Please take this into consideration if you are pregnant or have any adverse medical conditions contrary to these activities.

Will I be shown how to use the VR system?

Absolutely, we will give you a short briefing when you arrive for general instructions and safety information. If it’s your first time and you are unsure, we suggest playing the VR tutorial where you will be walked through a hands-on rundown of the controllers and the virtual world.

Can we play multiplayer games?

Currently VR Plus has 12 bays, all of which have multiplayer titles installed. Multiplayer games can range from two players up to eight players at a time. If you have a large group, you can divide into smaller groups and have several multiplayer games underway at the same time.  Check with the staff  on the day of your booking for available multiplayer options.

What games can I choose from?

Players will be able to independently choose from any of our titles during their sessions. We have a variety of games to choose from.  If you have never tried VR before, we strongly recommend you to choose some of our beginner games first.

What are the payment methods available?

You will have the option to pay online with your credit card when confirming your appointment. Walk-in customers will have the option to pay on the day of their VR experience in store by either cash or card.

Do you offer discount packages for group bookings?

We do offer discount packages for group bookings, please click here to check the details.

What if I wear glasses?

VR headsets are made with room in front of the eyes to allow players to still wear their glasses, however for prolonged use it may be uncomfortable. If contacts are an option for a participant, we recommend that they wear them on the day of their VR experience.

How hygienic are the VR devices?

We take health and hygiene very seriously at VR Plus. All the face foam inserts are cleaned after each use, and all equipment is cleaned daily.

What if I am late?

Please arrive on time as you will affect the length of your own game play if you show up after your scheduled booking. We unfortunately can’t keep those who have booked after you waiting.

Can I extend my play?

Yes, you can extend your time with our equipment but only as long as there are no bookings after your session. You can always check before you arrive to see if the option to extend will be available by visiting our website and going to bookings or by calling the store.

How big are the playing areas?

Each playing area is about 8 m^2 (3m*2.6m).

Will I walk into objects?

The VR system has a built-in safety feature called Chaperone which will have a pre-determined perimeter letting players know they are close to a wall. This will be indicated in game by the use of a coloured grid. Participants will be instructed how to navigate the bays and properly read the grid during the brief instructional our staff provides before all VR sessions.

Will I get motion sickness from VR?

The majority of our titles won’t upset even the weakest of stomachs. If you don’t have a pre-existing condition or a vulnerability to motion sickness then you should be fine. If a specific game or level is causing you to feel a bit iffy, you have the ability to change it right then and there. We can provide chairs to any and all players who may find playing from a seated position helpful.

Can I take photos or videos?

You are more than welcome to film and video yourself and your friends, but please ensure you have their consent. VR Plus may wish to photograph or film you for promo purposes but we will always seek your permission first.

I'm having a party at VR Plus. Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes! We also have softdrinks and water for sale, and have a large table where you’re welcome to eat and cut cake!

All food, cutlery and plates must be brought by you.

We request that all food and drinks are kept away from the VR bays and computers.

Level 1, 272 Lygon St

Carlton, VIC 3053

***Entrance on Grattan St***

Mon-Thurs   12 pm-10 pm

Friday         10 am-10 pm

Sat-Sun      10 am-10 pm

VR Plus


**Entrance on Grattan St**